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Monthly Archives: March 2016


Iovino Cloth & Indigo

We must admit that we are very proud to introduce our new store in Winterthur, Iovino Cloth & Indigo. Having the same philosophy of Ideal & Co, this Swiss store features an eclectic selection of brands for ladies and gentlemen, who value quality, craft and sustainability. Apart from the Ideal & Co collection, we made a special edition of Mendiga tote bag for Iovino Cloth & Indigo, a perfect bag for everyday, whehter to go to work or shopping! When in Winterthur do not forget to visit Iovino Cloth & Indigo. Continue reading…


Beka Bitterli & Aire

And to prove that Aire is perfect for carrying cameras, photographer Beka Bitterli recently acquired in our new store in Winterthur, Iovino Cloth & Indigo, the timeless bag in leather and she did not resist to share the photos of her new purchase. We are super happy to know that the Aire will carry the cameras of this talented photographer, here are some words of Beka Bitterli. Continue reading…


Photo Lovers

Aire is a perfect messenger, but as a camera bag – together with Outeiro organizer – is especially appealing for its storage, robustness and quality materials. Due to its timeless design, cameras like the Olympus Pen F are ideal to carry in Aire and The Documentary Impulse book is an essential volume for photography lovers!


Green for Spring

Spring has begun and what better to celebrate the season with the perfect kit to explore the nature with the Catskill hat by Best Made, the Alcaide messenger by Ideal & Co, the James t-shirt by A.P.C. and the Stanley vacuum flask.


Skate Style

The city streets are full of challenges to overcome with a skate and the style can not be left behind. The Pedreira backpack, the Cruiser skateboard by Stabörd & Co., the Ditchie Miller hoodie and the Canyon hat by Saturdays are the perfect kit to hit the streets!


Surf’s Up

Although spring is coming, surfers are active all year round and style is essential, specially with Valverde backpack in blue canvas, Inagua T-shirt by Two Thirds, Lafitenia shorts by Cuisse Grenouille and Damien sneakers by Saturdays!