Água de Colónia Collection

After putting the scent of Portugal in a perfume bottle through the fragrance Le Parfum, Lyn Harris has now deconstructed her voyage across the country in five new colonies for Claus Porto. Exploring the 130-year history of the Portuguese brand, the new colonies feature the varied aromatic landscapes of Portugal, scented by pine forests cooled by the ocean breeze, groves of orange and lemon, granite-hewn cities, tropical gardens and fields of sun-baked herbs.
Like Ideal & Co, inspired by Portugal and its materials, Claus Porto was able to transmit the beauty of the country through the remarkable colonies developed by Lyn Harris in London, after the perfumer has travelled from north to south to forage local natural ingredients. “There is always this movement of air in Portugal, that I just love. It’s like the seasons are changing all the time,” says Lyn. “There is such beauty. There’s wonderful pine, citrus, all those herbs, beautiful gardens.”

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