Azeitona Verde

Although Ideal & Co is a bag and backpack brand, it has affinities with initiatives in many other areas and an excellent example is Azeitona Verde. Co-founded by Cláudia Villax, also from A Sociedade (where we were in 2016 at the Cabana & Friends event), Azeitona Verde is a biological farm in Marvão, where one of our favourite olive oils is produced.
Like us, Azeitona Verde is based on the idea that “business can be a powerful way to do good for either people or the environment.”

Azeitona Verde about their philosophy:
“Our family aims to maintain and preserve the beauty of this land and help it to grow in a sustainable manner while maintaining its identity, culture and tradition; things we truly appreciate. We believe that’s important to respect biodiversity and environmental sustainability. We promote and maintain a balance tradition and innovation in the local community; we are investing in totally organic environmentally friendly methods because we believe it is best for us, for the animals, the environment and obviously because everything tastes better.”

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