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The Home Office

Increasingly there are more independent workers, who divide their time between their home and their clients’ office. As we know that the most creative workers like to be surrounded by beautiful accessories to be inspired, either in their small office or when working out, we leave here the perfect set for independent professionals:
Journal Desk
Plug Table Lamp
Afteroom Chair
Fórnea Laptop Cover



Explore the Mountains

Inspired by the explorers of bygone days, Ideal & Co developed products ready to withstand the most extreme conditions. The Austrian climber Hermann Buhl is one of the most emblematic figures in climbing the highest mountains as the Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, with its 8126 meters height. Inspired by this bold explorer, Ideal & Co leaves here the perfect kit to explore the mountains: the backpack Pedreira by Ideal & Co, The Waxed Canvas Blanket by Best Made and the mercerised cotton Sweater by Club Monaco.




Inspired by the journey that photographer Rui Gaiola made to Iceland, we present the perfect set to explore this beautiful island in the North Atlantic, including the Reykjavik guide by Herb Lester, Valverde backpack by Ideal & Co, Tundra jacket by Aether and 9111 boots by Red Wing.


Office Delight

Whether an architect, designer or just someone who is planning his dream home or the next big project, having beautiful pieces for the office (and outside of it too) is essential for design lovers. The Gräshoppa lamp, Living Under the Sun book, Tanti desk accessories, Orson desk and Alviela leather drawing tube. Just perfect!