Cedar Magazine

Founded by Matt Green and Katie Thomas, Cedar magazine is a travel and lifestyle magazine inspired by nature, a true visual journey that engages with the landscape. The editors are real enthusiasts for the art of stumbling across things, venturing outdoors and turning the corner to discover somewhere new or hidden. Like us at Ideal & Co, they enjoy being present in a moment, immersed in the slower pace of life, a yearning for simplicity that is symptomatic of a hectic lifestyle of work and information overload.

After a first issue, where they took us from Sicily to Bath, the second issue, titled ‘Borrowed Landscape’, takes a look into gardens and people who allowed their locality to form a distinctive signature to their story. They talked with Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter, who takes us on a sensory tour of the world-famous Sussex garden. The issue uncovers as well the hidden gardens in the Scottish Highlands and the honest approach to food and writing of chef Gill Meller. Discover also a Japanese Garden created in a secluded valley in Cornwall and explore the beautifully time-worn gardens of Rousham, an enduring example of the English Landscape Movements. Where the grounds can be enjoyed in much the same way the 18th-century visitor would have explored the paths and lingered over the vistas.

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