Claus Porto

Being one of the brands we most admire (and their store is just around the corner from our showroom in Porto), Claus Porto symbolizes the national spirit and the quality of Portuguese products. Wanting to develop a fragrance that summed up the aroma of Portugal, Claus Porto invited the English perfumer Lyn Harris to develop it.
On a trip from North to South of the country, the Grasse-trained perfumer experienced Portugal sensorially, crossing the diverse landscapes of the country and collecting aromas in places as distinct as Comporta or Douro.
Staying true to her way of building deep, complex and pure fragrances, Lyn Harris used the finest natural ingredients to convey the warm aroma of Portugal on a summer afternoon, where the scents of citrus, figs, cedar and cistus are dominant notes.
Being a limited edition of only 1887 bottles, in reference to the year of the foundation of Claus Porto, Le Parfum is an important landmark for the brand because it reflects its unique history and heritage, as well as capturing the aromas, colours and textures of Portugal.

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