If there is place in the world that is especially inspiring for design lovers (like us) it is the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein in Germany, near the border with Switzerland. In addition to promoting Vitra’s furniture collection and design in general, the campus is a place to visit for congregating buildings signed by some of the most internationally renowned architects (including Siza Vieira), as well as other architectural or artistic elements such as a giant slide or a bus stop.
Following the Primeira Pedra program – a partnership between experimentadesign and Assimagra – in which designers Ronan & Erwan Boroullec developed an installation called Fontaine, an enlarged version of the piece now appears on the Vitra Campus after brand director Rolf Fehlbaum invited the French brothers to develop a permanent work for the place. Produced in Portuguese Verde Serpa marble, the 16-meter water fountain creates a soft stream that plays with sound and movement, as if it were a recreation space, where twigs and folded papers can turn into boats.
Inaugurated on 13th June, during Art Basel, Fontaine is a magnificent design exercise of the Bouroullec brothers, but also shows the beauty of one of the most beautiful Portuguese materials, the marble.

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