Founded by the designer Gonçalo Prudêncio, Ghome is one of those brands with which we totally identify ourselves. From the original concept, based on ‘ecoLomy’ (economy + ecology) to the choice of production methods, Ghome has many points in common with Ideal & Co, promoting local production and quality materials. As in our collection of leather bags and backpacks, Ghome makes everyday objects appealing through the balance between design and sensitivity for the environmental impact, featuring a catalogue of products designed man for man with respect for nature. The timelessness of the forms and the honesty of the materials are other priorities of the brand.

Gonçalo Prudêncio on producing in Portugal: “In addition to being the only ecoLomically logical choice for a Portuguese brand to operate from Portugal with the domestic and European markets as commercial priorities, to produce in Portugal is a guarantee of quality – Portugal has been producing very well for a long time!”


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