Hit the Road

Here at Ideal & Co we love a good backpacking adventure and Gestalten’s book Hit The Road is a great inspiration to explore the world, whether a weekend trip, a longer vacation off the beaten track, or a nomadic journey around the globe. Featuring vans, all-terrain vehicles, and their passionate owners, this book celebrates a life on the move.
Be it the story of a couple that traveled across Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom in a Volkswagen T4 on a journey to enrich their culinary education to a trek from one tip of Canada to the other behind the wheel of a Honda Element with the aurora borealis as a guiding light to a group of friends who perseveringly drove a Porsche 944 from England to Cape Town, Hit the Road welcomes you to follow these nomads and their journeys with stunning photography and details of their intrepid transportation.
Rides range from classic Volkswagen Bullis to refurbished Airstream trailers and unstoppable 4x4s (including our favourite Land Rover). From the deserts of Africa to the snow-capped mountains of Mongolia, this book is essential to all adventurers.

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