Holiday Magazine

Since the re-launch of this iconic magazine in 2014, the pages of Holiday have been a great source of inspiration for Ideal & Co. Between 1946 and 1977, the magazine created in the United States was a reference for the bold design, ambitious choice of photographers and literary credibility, with the collaboration of authors such as Graham Greene, Joan Didion, Jack Kerouac and Truman Capote
After a 30-year break, Holiday returned to the stalls by the hand of artistic director Franck Durand, but now across the Atlantic in Paris. Staying true to its essence, the new incarnation of the publication celebrates travelling, adventure, quality journalism and of course fashion and the creative universe.
Dedicating each issue to a destination – whether a city, region or country – Holiday has visited places as far away as South Korea, Denmark or California in recent years. The latest volume, the Spring/Summer 2018 issue, visits Jerusalem, a city where many religions and cultures meet, the perfect magazine to take on our Lapiás weekend leather bag.

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