Land Rover Defender

There are few vehicles that are part of the global collective imagination and the Land Rover Defender is definitely one of them. Although it was no longer produced since 2016, this classic designed in 1947 was the protagonist of some of the most emblematic expeditions in history, going through more than six decades of continuous production.

As we love adventure, the Land Rover was an obvious choice when we chose a vehicle to accompany us during the last photoshoot to present the new pieces of the collection. A recovered version from the 60’s, the Defender that accompanied us between Sintra and Lisbon represents everything we believe in Ideal & Co, presenting a timeless design, robustness, reliability and an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Initially developed “for the farmer, the countryman and general industrial use”, the classic Defender will continue to make future adventurers dream with its iconic and confident silhouette, ready to break new ground across seven continents.

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