Lobo Marinho

Like Ideal & Co, Lobo Marinho is originally from Porto and shares the same ideals as us, believing that everything should be built to last. In addition to the design studio, which has already developed products for Monocle magazine, Lobo Marinho started by launching a beautiful collection of pocket squares.
Created by André Marinho, the brand is an excellent example of a family collaboration and passing of knowledge since all scarves were initially manufactured by the grandmother of the founder in a traditional sewing machine. Choosing the best Portuguese and Indian fabrics with unique patterns, André is “always looking for patterns that have an alternative illustrative component, but sober at the same time, and always running from the classic paisleys.”
As the amusing names of the pocket squares, the collection was designed for a more relaxed style, inverting the logic to be a very formal accessory. “My intention with this revival is to loosen the pocket square from the habit of using it in a formal context, that is still synonymous, to be used day-to-day in a casual outfit, with a sports jacket, jeans and a Stan Smith sneakers, for example,” says André.


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