Maria Riding Company

In addition to bicycles and off-road vehicles, another of our passions is motorcycles, and Maria Riding Company is undoubtedly the brand who best celebrates the two-wheeled vehicle in Portugal. Founded by Luis Correia and Rui Alexandre, the Portuguese brand recovers classic motorcycles, mostly from the 70’s, giving them a new life, accentuating the charm, design and beauty of the vehicles of this era.
Inspired by the freedom of the open roads, the unknown dirt roads and the motorcycle counterculture, Maria Riding Company was developed for lovers of adventure and the essence of experiences.
“At the heart of Maria is the promise to keep searching for the strongest of experiences: excitement, enthusiasm, contemplation and joy. Often the flip side of this is danger or discomfort but there’s no real adventure without uncertainty.
Maria was born out of a customization culture. It endorses the mindset of not settling for what already exists and supports the attitude of always going for something new and original, giving back to the misfits counterculture.”

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