Monkey 47

Monkey 47 has long been one of our favorite gins, for its unique flavour and for treasuring local ingredients. In the Black Forest, Alexander Stein created a sublime gin that blends locally sourced juniper berries and other plant extracts.
In this article from the online magazine Freunde von Freunden we can read the inspiring story of Stein, who founded Monkey 47 not only for his passion for exploring something never done in that region of Germany, but also for wanting to offer an honest and truly good product. After a year and a half and over 120 distillation tests, Stein and distiller Christoph Keller got the final version of the gin as we know it today. In addition to the drink itself, the property in Loßburg, where everything happens, is truly inspiring for the natural beauty and the buildings designed by Philipp Mainzer, architect and co-founder of the e15 furniture brand.
Monkey 47 is a true example of how the respect for local ingredients, attention to detail and a focus on quality make all the difference in a product, something that we at Ideal & Co deeply believe.

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