The Granffather’s Bike


Although Ideal & Co – Living Heritage* Is A Brand Created In 2012
It Is Actually The Continuation Of A Long Ago Project.



Gave the Royal Charter to Alcanena ́s Tanning

One of the first tan clusters were settled in Alcanena. The royal charter granted the right for the manufactures to use royal arms symbol at their gates.

Old Machine.

In 1935 through the hands of Rute’s grandfather, Antonio Vieira, when he was a young boy of 14 years.

From his small village, located on the southwest side of “Parque Natural da Serra de Aire e Candeeiros”, and using a bike, a great sense of opportunity, great determination and, of course, the strength in his legs, Antonio started his own business of buying and selling leather. On the other side of “Serra de Candeeiros”, 30km from of “Quinta das Viegas”, where he lived with his parents and 11 brothers, there used to be the largest concentration of tanneries in the country, in Alcanena.

Sr Antonio Vieira

Mr. António Vieira, Rute’s Grandfather.

After the bike, he started using a motorcycle, at 16 he bought the first Citroen Pick up truck.

Due to his daring spirit he realized that his farm, along with the neighboring farms, possessed something essential for this industry: animals and animal hides. After all, tanning leather is one of the oldest activities of mankind. Quickly his business flourished and soon, when he was only 15 years old, he hired a man, paying him with his own personal income, to replace him in the agricultural work in his parents’ farm. This way, Antonio would be able to devote himself fulltime to this new way of life.

After the bike, he started using a motorcycle and at 16 he bought the first Citroen Pick up truck. Because he did not have a license yet he resorted to a brother in law who was his driver in the everyday rounds.

Sr Antonio Vieira

Mr. António Vieira's motorcycle.


Married since 1945 and already with 3 children, Antonio decided to open in 1959 his own tanning factory – “Fabrica Curtumes IDEAL” – name which originates the brand in 2012

Ideal & Co – Living Heritage*.

Fábrica de Curtumes Ideal

Fábrica Curtumes Ideal's Logotype.