Mira Bicycle Frame. Vegetable Tanned Leather. Ideal&co


From the beginning, one of our great inspirations has been the bicycle, whether in the creation of products dedicated to the two-wheeled vehicle or simply as a means of transportation through the city. Available at Velo Culture, one of our stockists in Porto and Matosinhos, Pelago is one of our favourite brands for building steel bikes with a timeless design, ideal for the urban environment and for longer adventures.
Having the Vitruvian Triad has a motto – Firmitas (stability), Utilitas (function), Venustas (beauty) – Pelago “produces strong and practical products for the needs of urban transport, alternative travelling and other pedal-powered activities”. Coming from Finland, Pelago (short for ‘Archipelago’) presents a bicycle collection that stands out for its simplicity, attention to detail and quality components, as we like here at Ideal & Co.
In the image, we can see the Bristol bicycle by Pelago with our Mira messenger bag, all available at Velo Culture.

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