São Lourenço do Barrocal

If Ideal & Co had a hotel it would most likely be something very similar to São Lourenço do Barrocal. Like us, this beautiful hotel focuses on timeless design, attention to detail and commitment to local producers.
Inserted in a property overlooking Monsaraz, for more than 200 years in the possession of the family of José Uva, the leader of the project, the hotel had Souto de Moura as the architect in charge of the rehabilitation and the duo Anahory Almeida for the interiors.
Being a magnificent exercise of simplicity, a modernized compliment to vernacular architecture and local products, Barrocal is undoubtedly a place to visit in the Alentejo. Decorated with Portuguese vintage furniture, natural materials, rugs from Arraiolos and industrial lighting, the hotel is perfectly adapted to the serenity of the surrounding landscape, inviting for long hours of relaxation and observation of the Alentejo plains.
In addition to the hotel, the restaurant and the spa are also obligatory points of interest at Barrocal. Whilst in the first, the organic local products take a prominent role, in the spa treatments are made by Susanne Kaufmann and you can also enjoy the sauna and hydrotherapy room. You can still enjoy picnics, wine tasting, hiking and biking or horse riding around the estate, as well as visiting the beautiful village of Monsaraz or Évora.

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