Two Wheels South

Whether on a motorbike, off-road vehicle or bicycle, all great adventurers have already (or plan to) made a great trip on their favorite means of transportation. Documenting the adventure of Behance co-founder Matias Corea and his friend Joel, the book Two Wheels South follows the duo on a journey that took them from Brooklyn to the end of Patagonia across a culturally diverse and challenging continent.

In this adventure of a lifetime, which blazed more than 32.000 kilometers to the southernmost point of the Americas, the two friends tested their trusty BMW air-cooled G/S overland haulers on a path that took them through the dense Guatemalan forest, the Bolivian desolate salt flats and the high roads of the Peruvian Andes, all the way to Ushuaia, the Land of Fire.
Without doubt one of the most inspiring adventure books, we have read in recent times.

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