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Vegetable-tanned Leather

Whenever a new shipment of vegetable-tanned leather arrives to produce new bags and backpacks, we are always happy to see the beauty of this raw material.
These leathers are tanned with vegetable tannins, obtained from tree bark, such as Mimosa, and are dyed with natural dyes. In this tanning process, none of the chemicals based on Chromium salts are used.
Vegetable-tanned leathers usually display a patina, which not only conveys a distinct character and beauty to each piece but the more they are used and exposed to natural elements, like the sun, the greater their beauty gets.
Through time and use, bags made from vegetable-tanned leather gain different shades of colour and become darker, which constitutes one of the most beautiful characteristics of this kind of leather. Each vegetable tanned leather product presents the natural characteristics of leather, meaning it is original and unique.

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